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Who We Are

Driven by innovation, Tailored by riders
Motorcycle Technology With You In Mind
Derive Even More Pleasure for Motorcycle by INNOVATION

INNOVV TECH was founded by Rock Liu, who, after leaving a 150-year-old German luxury packaging company, found inspiration in a motorcyclist’s declaration that motorcycling is the ultimate joy in life. He firmly believes that high-end, elegant, and innovative design has the power to leave a lasting impact for over a century.

INNOVV owes its existence to the spirit of innovation. Rock Liu, the visionary mind behind this enterprise, not only founded and designed the company but also recognized that innovation is its lifeblood. When he chose INNOVV as the brand name, he did so with the firm belief that innovation is ingrained in the brand’s DNA.

At INNOVV, we specialize in crafting innovative devices that enhance your ride with safety in mind. Our range of products includes motorcycle dashcams, motorcycle helmet cameras, motorcycle BSD radar (ThirdEYE) System, and motorcycle GPS trackers. We take pride in earning the top spot as a luxury motorcycle dashcam brand, known for our elegant designs and reliable quality.

We undertand that motorcycling is the ultimate joy in life, but safety also important. That why we createing cutting-edge products for motorcycle enthusiasts. In 2014 to 2015, INNOVV create the world’s first single-channel and dual-channel motorcycle dashcam. In 2019, INNOVV create the world first and smartest OEM motorcycle blind spot detection radar system. INNOVV has earned a reputation as a premium brand among motorcycle enthusiasts, INNOVV elegantly designed and innovative motorcycle camera system not only enhance the joy of motorcycling, but also prioritize rider safety.Join us and experience the perfect blend of excitement and protection on your motorcycle journeys.

Excellent Product And Even Better Customer Service ——–Johns

INNOVV History


The INNOVV K6 camera is specifically tailored for use with bicycles and motorcycles, and marks our first foray into the bicycle dashcam market.
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After months of hard work, INNOVV K5 enters the market with high-end design and innovations. It is packed with versatile features that no simple 4K 'action camera' offers.
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INNOVV K2 was developed at the recommendation of an INNOVV K1 customer and it is suitable for any bike with its versatile features and dependable performances.
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The first 2 channel FullHD motorcycle camera system was released, which has two sets of lenses for vehicles and motorcycles with well-made components.
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The INNOVV K6 camera is specifically tailored for use with bicycles and motorcycles, and marks our first foray into the bicycle dashcam market.
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The INNOVV K3 comes to the market, a new generation of the INNOVV K2, and it was born at the valuable suggestions of INNOVV K2’s users and multiple advanced technologies.
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INNOVV C5 was developed to meet the needs of real C3 owners, praised for its simple yet highly effective design.
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“I’m searching for a good motorcycle dashcam”- in response to motorcyclists’ need, INNOVV C3, the first motorcycle dashcam was launched by INNOVV. We changed from ‘Innovv’ to ‘INNOVV’, updating our Logo design to a simpler and more recognizable way.
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The INNOVV H5 is a new camera series designed and built specifically as a HELMET CAMERA to capture the action from the riders’ point of view.
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A brand new unique blind-spot detection and alert system designed for motorcycles, INNOVV ThirdEYE adds visibility for the motorcyclist to increase all-round safety.
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The powerful & easy-to-use INNOVV Power Hub1 was released, managing the wirier and connections to other accessories.
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INNOVV TECH CO,. LTD established and its official website was launched. INNOVV C1-The stylish & tiny Full HD camera is released in the same year.
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